A company’s success is driven by how swiftly it adapts to market change.
At COPP, we understand that putting the right people on the right
project accelerates meaningful change. We work collaboratively to draw out
the best decisions. We strive to unearth the big idea faster and reposition
companies for success sooner. With our expertise and our client’s in-house
capabilities, we create synergy needed to elevate their brand.
Robert Coveney, VP Sales and Marketing at Ceratec,
said it best, “What COPP accomplished in two years
would have taken us five.”

  • About John Kocemba

    John Kocemba

    Marketing Strategy

    Always pushing boundaries,
    John helps companies reposition
    themselves and capitalize on
    opportunities they either don't see or
    never thought were attainable. Armed
    with a McGill MBA, John leverages
    strategy and design thinking to help
    companies achieve record sales and

  • Anne - Design and Content Developer

    Anne Côté

    Design Strategy

    Since graduating from Concordia University with a Fine Arts degree,
    Anne  of ANNECOTEDESIGN has been a set designer for
    Cirque du Soleil, lead designer for
    Debbie Travis' HGTV television shows,
    and Style Editor for the Quebec version
    of House and Home magazine, where
    she directed over 350 photoshoots for
    trendy interiors. Anne creates the magic
    for COPP.

  • Director Sales Strategy

    Robert Coveney

    Sales Strategy

    Understanding the nuances of sales strategy takes years to master. And master it Robert has.
    With over 30 years experience, Robert has leveraged the power of marrying sales strategy with marketing strategy to create exceptional gains in market share. Companies now call on him whenever they need an insightful and strategic approach to getting their product in front of the right people.

  • Isabelle - Graphic Designer

    Isabelle Paquin

    Graphic Design

    Isabelle is a graphic designer,
    passionate about interior design and
    loves painting compelling stories
    through vision and artistry. She was
    the lead North American designer for
    Mondo S.p.A. Italy, the lead graphic designer for Divine
    Flooring and a key COPP collaborator.
    Isabelle completed her studies at
    Université du Québec à Montréal.

  • Darko Brdjanin - Graphic Designer

    Darko Brdjanin

    Graphic Design

    After starting his Career in Europe,
    Darko came to Canada and established
    himself as a senior art director,
    working on accounts like Rogers,
    Manulife, KPMG and TORLYS. Darko
    holds a bachelor's degree from the
    Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and
    master's degree from the Universita
    Internazionale Dell'Arte in Florence.

  • Pina - Storyteller and Interior Designer

    Pina Mastromonaco


    Pina is a storyteller with a passion for interior design. Through engaging and thoughtfully crafted content Pina awakens the senses, builds brand awareness, and garners a brand loyal following.

  • Philippe Yetman - Web And Social Media Analyst

    Philippe Yetman

    Web & Social Media

    A graduate of Ryerson University,
    Philippe is COPP Montreal's Social
    Media, SEO, Email Campaign and Web
    Strategist. He works closely with our
    design team and our web development
    teams to elevate brands and convey
    brand stories with razor sharp
    accuracy. Previously, Philippe
    was Marketing Director for
    Carpet One Canada.

  • Justin Kocemba

    Project Management

    Both creative and financially savvy,
    Justin utilizes his dual skillset to
    ensure a seamless flow of information
    between COPP and its clients. He holds
    a Bachelor's in Finance from JMSB and
    is a CFA charterholder.

  • Kim - Innovation Consultant

    Kim Meldrum


    Kim was one of Canada's first Google
    Education Trainers and is a former
    school principal. Her experience in adult
    education and ability to harness
    digital tools enables her to create
    virtual online learning courses such
    as A&D Continuing Education Unit


  • Maxime - Photographer

    Maxime Desbiens


    After working as an assistant to some
    of Montreal's top photographers,
    Maxime has become accomplished in
    his own right. He was the go-to room
    scene photographer for House and
    Home magazine's Quebec edition.
    His fine eye, attention to detail and
    ability to collaborate are some of the
    reasons why Maxime is COPP's principal

  • CRM Consultant

    Abhi Rai


    Abhi specializes in integrating companies with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software so they can optimize their lead generation funnels. As a student at McGill Desautels School Of Business, majoring in Economics and a minoring in Marketing, Abhi loves seeing things through a different lenses. This approach allows him to adapt to any problem a client has for him.


  • Valerie - English to French Translator

    Valerie Martel


    Valérie is our English to
    French translator. Always accurate and detailed, she is an expert at finding the right word or expression to communicate the same idea across both languages.