showroom design for manufacturers
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Anne Côté is a space designer. In a world that is in stimulus-overdrive, she is one of a rare breed of creators in her field that has successfully embraced and executed a less-is-more approach to commercial design.

Display Design

Instead of asking, “How much can we integrate into this space?”. Anne asks, “What is the essence of this space and what is needed to express that essence?”

With over 25 years experience working on projects ranging from set designs at Cirque du Soleil to creating commercial showrooms made to look like art galleries, you are getting a level of creativity that is miles ahead of the industry standard.

In a world of relentless stimulation, her strong appreciation of simplicity is in a way a result of sophistication. Anne creates sleek spaces that sometimes feature unexpected elements allowing her to transpose the boundaries of overly cautious design

Scene design

In Anne’s world, walls are canvasses that breathe and flow, transformed by light, resonating with sound and which define, but never confined, the spaces she creates. Surfaces are playgrounds and portals to the imagination.