Creating a Targeted and Meaningful Customer Experience

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Pina Mastromonaco & John Kocemba
Published: April 1st, 2021

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral consumer responses throughout the customer journey, including before, during, and post-purchase. Customer experience is an ecosystem that concerns all departments in your company, including marketing, customer care, sales, logistics, administration and information technology.  At its core, the customer experience strategy must prioritize the client’s needs and know what is important to them.


The Importance of Customer Experience

Eighty four percent  of companies want to be CX leaders.  Yet only one in five deliver great customer experiences. 


When you design a superior customer experience not only are customers willing to pay more , but you can generate five times the growth rates of your competitors.


When customers aren’t satisfied, they walk away. A recent study found that 32% of customers would stop purchasing from a brand they loved after only one bad experience.


However, just focussing with internal resources on creating a superior customer experience is often not enough.  Aligning with proven expertise and creating the building blocks to deliver superior customer experiences has been shown to result in 32% higher revenue growth and a high ROI.


How to Improve Customer Experience 

Great customer experience CX leads to brand loyalty and recognition, so it’s important to have a comprehensive customer experience strategy as well as a customizable one.  The most important aspect of customer experience is understanding your clients’ needs.  The best way to do so is through effective communications with open and sincere dialogue. A comprehensive research on your target audience will help you gain insight into their wants and needs. 


Create a Connection

In this digital age, customers still want a personal touch. You can do this with a relatable story that shows the heart of the company. Consumers respond better when they have an intimate knowledge of the company. Inspiring photos, mood boards and sample display designs can also invoke emotions that empower your customers. 


Provide a More Human Experience

While technology has improved the way we live, work and shop, speaking with a robot is no fun. A well-trained staff  that communicates concepts and products in relatable terms is more effective as it . leaves less room for misunderstandings and more room for a meaningful customer experience.


Consistency Is Key 

Your brand’s message must remain consistent through its identity, values and strategy, and throughout every channel of the company, including social media platforms. Consistency throughout your branding is key to create trust and elevate the brand.


Address Pain Points 

Two effective and highly encouraged approaches to addressing pain points are through feedback and competitor research. This helps you compare your CX to what your competitors provide and gain insight to improve your current customer experience strategy. 


Minimize Consumer Effort

Reduce cognitive overload by making the customer journey seamless and convenient. This is done by easy accessibility through every touchpoint, optimal self-service, quick response time, numerous language choices and gathering and using consumer feedback effectively.


Create a Unique Experience

Customization and personalization set brands apart – use this to your advantage by providing customers with a unique experience – this can be tied in with your brand story to create an overall consistent image.


Appreciate and Embrace Feedback

Feedback is effective listening and continuous learning to connect with your clients and provide a superior customer experience. This is the roadmap to building a solid customer relationship replete with trust and appreciation. One of the most effective customer feedback strategies is addressing concerns in real-time; live chat is a great tool.


How COPP Branding Can Help Optimize Customer Experience

Customer experience is holistic and encompasses a variety of issues spanning many departments. At COPP Branding we strive to create a meaningful customer experience. Our creative masterminds and marketing mavericks understand that building customer relationship and loyalty starts with a meaningful CX.


We design customer experience by considering your customer journey, identify gaps, and help you make your customer experience the best it can be. If you are looking for the best marketing agency for flooring companies, trust COPP Branding.  Contact us today to take advantage of our experienced professionals.


A Word about Design Thinking for Architects

As a marketing agency for architects, we understand that most architect firms need outside help to elevate their brand. At COPP Branding we provide a comprehensive Design Thinking framework that will build a stronger connection with clients creating long lasting relationships..

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