Digital Strategies that will Create Market Leadership in 2021

Luca Bravo

By Pina Mastromonaco & John Kocemba
Published: March 20th, 2021

The Benefits of a Digital Strategy

Digital strategy dictates the business’s direction to gain a leading edge within its industry.  It uses technology to improve every aspect of a business.


New technology makes it possible for accelerated innovation across your company.  A comprehensive company-wide digital strategy helps companies provide better products and experiences to clients.


Digital tools help you reimagine your business model.

Prioritize Consumer needs with a Digital Strategy

A comprehensive presence throughout social media platforms is essential for brand awareness; it’s where your customers learn about your business and how you can support them.  Ninety percent of instagram users buy products they see on social media. 


Currently, Facebook, Google Adwords and Instagram are providing a strong return on investment.  Instagram, in particular, is extremely popular amongst the design community.


Links, reviews and blogs that reference your website are very effective in reaching a broader audience.  


An online presence helps you stay connected with your customers and gives them access to your business, day and night, on any device or platform of their choice. It also provides the clients freedom to purchase your products and services whenever and wherever they want. This easy interaction can build a strong, trusting relationship and encourages long term loyalty.  

Digital Marketing VS Digital Strategy 

Your digital marketing is a part of your broader digital strategy. In short, your digital marketing attracts customers to your business, and your digital strategy keeps them interested.


Digital Marketing includes SEO (what brings qualified potential clients to your website), SEM ( paid digital advertising, e.g. Google Adwords ) and content marketing and social media marketing that serve to convert strangers to customers by providing helpful and relevant information. 


Digital Strategy focuses on your product or service, customer or user personas, and business goals. It establishes a pipeline from your customer’s needs to your product, utilizing digital marketing methods.  


When you understand your customers and know why your product and service benefits your clients, your digital strategy is powerful.


Efficiency through Technology

The importance of staying connected with clients and making sure their every need is essential to any business. The key to optimal customer service is through technology. Giving your clients fast and easy access to you, your products and services through any device, mainly their mobile devices, solves the problem and gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Make Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas is done by conducting in-depth market research. It includes surveys, polls and interviews that help you gauge who your clients are and how they want you to help them. It’s worth looking at your competitors and their relationship with their clients.


Having a buyer persona that embodies your target market segment guides you toward the right decisions to win their patronage.

Establishing a Digital Strategy

COPP Branding is a marketing and digital agency that specializes in digital strategy. Our team of experts work hard to ensure that your business plan includes a comprehensive digital strategy. We will work alongside you to build a bridge between you and your clients. 


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