Elevate your Brand with a Content Marketing Strategy

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By Pina Mastromonaco

Published: March 24th, 2021

Disseminating valuable, pertinent and consistent information to your audience and driving customer action is the function of content marketing.


Simply put, content marketing shows the right audience the soul of your brand, why it’s good for them and brings them to your sales funnel. All that begins with a carefully crafted strategy. One that defines your key business, your customers’ needs and creates content that provides substantial value to your audience. Your strategy must also drive traffic to your website and move them to action.  


Drive Customers to Your Website Through Social Media.

Your media platforms are an excellent place to reach new, highly targeted potential customers and build relationships with them. Recent studies show that more than 90% of Instagram users find new brands on their feed. Link to Study


These platforms also offer the unique opportunity to speak directly to your target audience, ask questions, get feedback and direct them to your website. Engagement is crucial to build a positive brand experience and develop a strong relationship with your potential future customers. But none of this can happen if your content is tone-deaf. Customers are savvy and can spot insincerity and forced narrative. So be authentic and consistent. Simplify your message and make sure to always be honest. Be relatable, approachable and ultimately, trusted; this will ensure your brand stands out in a crowded social media space and, more importantly, positively impacts viewers. Content doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective; you can boost your brand and garner visibility when using fewer but more powerful words that resonate with your audience. Don’t underestimate your audience; otherwise, you will have their attention for a fleeting moment.


The Power of Storytelling to Connect with Consumers 

Reading data on charts doesn’t inspire. Most people want a story, a vehicle that triggers both their imagination and empathy. Everyone has a story, and brands are no different. So give your potential customers a story, make it personal, make them care, and you will have acquired a customer for life.


BUT there are some rules to follow…

What if I told you the single most crucial part of your content marketing strategy is your story. What if I say you can create a legacy brand just by telling your story or, more specifically, the brand’s story, its humble beginnings, its hardships, its raison d’être, and its ultimate success. What if I told you telling your story with vulnerability, humility, and integrity wins over any marketing gimmick out there. 


So what are the rules? Honesty, which I touched upon earlier, is crucial and goes hand in hand with authenticity. But there are more subtle rules to follow.


A story is a force so powerful it evokes feelings and can move the unmovable. With that in mind, make sure that your brand’s story is on the same side as your audience. Audiences connect when your story pulls them in and makes them active participants. Your story must keep your audience in image mode. In other words, encourage your audience to imagine how your brand will better their lives; this helps them identify with your story and, ultimately, your brand. At its core, a story drives empathy and opens the path to engagement, familiarity and trust. With this perfectly executed, you will not only create a rapport with your audience but build a stronger relationship.


Benefits of High-quality Content

 High-quality content means more than just good, concise writing. One essential factor is consistency. Sending a consistent message to every customer touchpoint doesn’t only inform your audience about your products; it creates a widespread, positive image of your company. One consistent message with a unique and identifiable voice, style, and tone will have satisfied customers becoming the brand’s biggest ambassadors when done correctly.


Similar to good storytelling, consistency establishes credibility, builds trust and solidifies reputation that ultimately means customer retention and company growth and success.


Because high-quality content also helps customers make an educated purchasing decision, having a well placed and compelling call-to-action is imperative. The more satisfied a customer is with your content, the more likely they will click the call-to-action (CTA) and move onto your website. It’s a perfect sequence of steps for company success. 


It’s worth mentioning that your content marketing strategy is vital for your company’s growth and success, but before you start to build your strategy, you must identify your brand’s core strength. If you neglect to do so, no strategy can help elevate your brand. 


Make sure you understand your brand more than anything else before telling your customers why it is the perfect product for them.


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