A Designer's Eye: Natural Beauty at the MAD Bars House

COPP Branding Images
Photographs from YOD Design

By Pina Mastromonaco & ANNECOTEDESIGN
Published: April 19th, 2021

In the historic centre of Lviv, Ukraine, MAD Bars House stands six-storey high and houses bars and restaurants on each floor. YOD Design Lab created the concept that offers patrons unique experiences as they make their way up from a pub to a restaurant, an American style bar and finally, a cozy rooftop bar. Glimpses of their genius are found on every stairwell landing, where patrons find mosaic art displaying the alcohol percentage in beverages served on that specific floor. In step with their clever tile work are the textured leather-bound bannisters that run along the stairs; this is a nod to the shoe shop that once occupied this space. These design elements are thoughtful and deliberate details illustrating a commitment to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere while honoring the building’s past.


Mad Bars House reminds us that design is never static; it’s constantly pushing the boundaries to meet the needs of the space. The structure of the building was an essential part of the design process and offered numerous design opportunities. On every floor and every corner, creativity and ingenuity are wrapped effortlessly around functionality, leading one to believe it is just as it should be.

In that vein, large portions of the brick wall were left exposed to preserve the magnificence of the ancient edifice. The pub on the first floor features a bar made of 150-year-old wood, initially timber joists—proving that this 19th-century gem is the perfect canvas for multiple layers of organic design features. 


Consistent with Organic Modernism is the neutral color palette consisting of earthy browns and tans that add a warm, authentic aesthetic. While every floor offers its own unique gastronomic experiences, the color and stylistics remain the same throughout.


Dynamic curves and impressive arches are consistent with the sleek surfaces and cosy textures throughout the venue. These stylistic features may be subtle, but the result is an impeccably and beautifully curated space.


The Organic Modernism design approach makes it easy to create such unforgettable interiors. YOD Design Lab proves that with clean and undulating lines, curved furniture and natural elements.  MAD Bars House checks all those boxes, including solid architectural lines, rich textures, light wood, white tiles and dimmed lighting. These carefully crafted details  add to the homey feeling that put the patrons at ease. 

MAD Bar Chairs
Photograph from YOD Design

Organic Modernism is comfortable and unfussy. It only demands a sleek, raw design that makes a space cosy and memorable. It brings natural harmony that calms and soothes. It’s nothing new; Organic Modernism was first introduced in New York City in 1941. It’s made a comeback in recent years and is an important reference for anyone looking for an uncomplicated style that offers beautiful textures, natural materials and the feeling of being home.   


In its essence, Organic Modernism starts with flowing natural form. It draws upon clear lines, neutral colours, and natural texture to create a welcoming environment that brings calm, peace and above all, warmth into any space.

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