A Designer's Eye: Trendy Color Scheme that Inspires

Photographs from dezeen

By Pina Mastromonaco & ANNECOTEDESIGN
Published: May 6th, 2021

Moving on from the popular rose-pink colour scheme, terracotta is the new warm palette coming into interiors. Combined with washed coral and rich rust browns, this creates an inviting and warm interior setting.

Hospitality saw a shift in colour palettes in 2020, making earthy pink and terracotta the on-trend colour scheme. Designers embraced the trend with great success. 

This isn’t your bright bubble gum pink. The earthy pink and terracotta is an evolution from spring pastel shades with added natural rust orange undertones. This colour combination is not only calming and warm but serves as the perfect canvas to layer in complementary design elements and create a warm and snug space.

One designer who took inspiration from these colours is Roman Plyus. Plyus graduated from the Rhodec International Design School (U.K) in Moscow and is both a residential and commercial interior designer.

Terra Cotta Restaurant

When Plyus was asked to remodel Buha|i|rest, the gastronomic hot spot located in a historical part of Budapest, he knew he wanted to bring the outside inside. It was his way to signal to patrons what awaits them upon entry. He did this by choosing the same earthy pink and terracotta colour scheme on the building’s facade to grace the interior. A decision that proved successful, as the results are nothing short of spectacular.


But the colour scheme is just one of many treasures found in Buha|i|rest. The enormous arched windows and the interior’s concrete arches and ceiling remain untouched and serve as wonderfully dramatic features, while the reclaimed tiles pull it all together to create visual aesthetics that are Instagram-able. 

While that may sound a bit audacious, it only takes a glance to see that Buha|i|rest is genuinely worthy of Instagram. This stylish concept bar and lounge offers luxury dining in a fanciful and playful environment. The dramatic and imposing fireplace may be in the corner, but its grandeur isn’t missed; it sets the vibrant mood. Equally notable is the choice of seating with both vintage and modern chairs strewn together, emphasizing that bold and cutting edge design is constantly challenging the status quo, pushing creative boundaries and offering new and beautiful solutions.


In a bold and somewhat clever move, Plyus included the word INSTAGRAM into the tiles, and its location is no coincidence; a rather imposing KAWS sculpture, Small Lie, stands tall in a nook to the side of the concrete staircase. The tile work directly in front of the sculpture leaves no doubt as to what patrons should do. But the statue is just one of many eye-catching wonders in this ‘speakeasy’. The warm pink lighting along the walls is mesmerizing and masterfully executed. The mix of lighting fixtures, the assortment of tables, counters and stools each draw out the beauty of the space. Buha|i|rest tells the story of its past, present, and future. And while these more apparent design features attract attention, it’s the more subtle parts that define this designer’s talent.

COPP Branding Images
"Instagram" Photograph from dezeen

The more elusive details that fill the space are the curves and lines of the counters, bench and bars. This isn’t just an attempt at elegance but a reflection of the impressive arches that grace this marvellous interior. Every detail has been carefully crafted adding wholeness to this wonderfully stylistic experience.

Buhairest Fireplace

Buha|i|rest is many things, but ultimately, it’s warm and inviting. It wraps patrons in a metaphoric hug while providing a thoroughly entertaining and dynamic space. Details, big and small, make this hot spot a sight for curious eyes. It’s dramatic, it’s friendly, and more than anything else, it’s a spot not to be missed.

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