What is Great Design?

Great design
As Featured in "15 Iconic Furniture Designs" in Highsnobiety.

Pina Mastromonaco & John Kocemba
Published: April 15th, 2021

What Is Great  Design?

Great design sets companies apart. It leverages design thinking.  It generates more loyalty.  It elevates your brand.  It results in more sales and an average of 56% greater shareholder return.   Many companies aspire to offer great design but few are able to realize it. Here are critical elements of creating great designs. 


1-Great Design Is Beautiful and Inspiring

Great design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Balance,

shape, color, and visual appeal are integral to design because they

enhance usability, inspire, and capture consumers’ attention.  A

superior product development process integrates these design elements.


2-Great Design Is Need-Based and Functional

Design isn’t just aesthetics; the function and usefulness of a product determine whether the design is good or great. Great design solves problems and addresses consumers’ needs.


3-Great Design Is Anticipatory  

While good design takes care of users’ needs, great design anticipates and addresses future needs and subsequently reduces a client’s cognitive load. 


Ultimately, great design eliminates the number of elements that users need to worry about at any given time, making the user experience more convenient and enriching. 


4-Great Design Is Holistic

Good design is responsive; great design is responsive and consistent. Essentially great design makes sure the product, service, and website is optimized for every form and is consistent across all platforms. Clients trust companies that anticipate their needs while remaining consistent through its branding platforms.  

5-Great Design Identifies Client Pain Points

Great design is intuitive, easy to use, and self-explanatory. It solves clients’ problems without causing additional difficulty.

Great design prioritizes design thinking and uses a human-centred approach to ensure both usability and satisfaction. The focus is on clients and their needs. 


6-How to Excel

Outside expertise helps you bridge the gap.  At COPP Branding  teams of creative minds elevate retail boutique design, showroom design, contemporary logo design, and sample display design. The goal is cutting edge solutions for a superior customer experience. Click here to learn more. 

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